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Find out how much additional revenue and conversion rate uplift you can gain from stopping unauthorized ads.

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Get More With BrandLock

  • Drive More Conversions Convert lost opportunities into revenue. Get 5% to 10% CVR Lift
  • Manager Customer Journeys Pave a distraction-free path to purchase so less journeys are abandoned.
  • Replace Save Affiliate Fees Stop paying affiliate fees to coupon extensions for sales they didn't drive.

Top eCommerce Brands Trust BrandLock

Fila Logo - BrandLock

"BrandLock is a Magic Conversion Booster. Turn it on. Get +10%."

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BUBS Naturals Logo - BrandLock

"BrandLock delivers gains of +7%. It's a game-changer."

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Pharmaca Increases Ecommerce Conversion Rate With BrandLock Solutions

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Feel Unique Logo - BrandLock

Feelunique Achieves +5% Conversion Rate by Eliminating Malicious Ads

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Novica Logo - BrandLock

"BrandLock clearly demonstrated that your most unhappy customers are not only your greatest source of learning – but also incremental revenue lift. We learned that removing their distractions and frustrations has an immediate and profound impact on revenue."

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"We have immensely benefitted from Brandlock's conversion optimization tool. Our overall conversion rates have increased by double digits – all by blocking unwanted ads."

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How The Solution Works

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Block Ad Injections to Unlock Extra Revenue

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