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Topshop Unlocks a 6.2% Increase In Revenue by Removing Adware

TopShop put an end to annoying pop-up ads and improved its website performance for better conversion rate optimization resulting in increased revenue.

The Results
Increase in Revenue Per Visit
Increase in Conversion Rate
Increase in Pages views Per Visit
Business Challenge

Visitors to Topshop’s site were being lured away by fraudulent popup ads

Being an eCommerce fashion business, TopShop needed to ensure its website had no noticeable weaknesses or loopholes. This meant safeguarding their customers’ shopping journey to optimize retail sales.

As a part of the company’s eCommerce marketing strategy, the marketing team focused on improving its website’s performance by increasing relevant traffic and providing visitors a better experience but found it challenging to detect and block user extensions. These browser extensions injected pop-up ads on the site’s homepage, product listings, individual product pages, and other important web pages.

As a retailer, you often never get the chance to see your site through the eyes or browsers of your shoppers. Therefore, many at Topshop were unable to see and experience the ads themselves, this led to some obvious skepticism. Was this even a real thing? Adware on shoppers’ browsers? (Which is just the way the adware creators design to disrupt the customer journey experience.)

Marketing leadership at Topshop believed this experience negatively impacted online sales and was looking for a cost-effective, easy-to-implement solution.

BrandLock solution

Topshop Eliminated Browser-Based Ads with Brandlock, Immediately Increasing Conversions

Topshop’s marketing leadership selected Shield, BrandLock’s flagship customer journey hijacking prevention solution to protect their website from pop-up ads distracting their visitors away.

BrandLock deployed a single line of code within Topshop’s website. Then the Operations and R&D teams at BrandLock conducted A/B testing to assess the impact of removing the distracting ads.

Topshop discovered that almost 9% of the traffic on its website was affected by unwanted pop-up ads. The company now had insights on key metrics such as cart abandonment, revenue session per lift, conversion rate lift, and pageviews for each visitor to improve the customer journey optimization process.

Customer conversion rates on the website were lower when popup ads were present. Topshop visitors did not stay on their website long enough to make it to the checkout page and convert, they left the website because the pop ads turned shoppers away to other possible competitor websites.

Shield blocked adware that displayed competing products, acting as “clickbait,” or “deals” designed to lure shoppers away from Topshop’s website.



 When Ads Were Removed, Conversions & Revenue Increased Immediately

  • Conversion uplift: Topshop found by blocking pop-up ads, it was able to improve the conversion rate for visitors with extensions.
  • Increased revenue: With better conversion rate optimization, the marketing leadership noted immediate return on investment and attributed new monthly revenue to Shield.
  • Seamless customer experience: Topshop was given full visibility of the interruptions that visitors were experiencing. A/B testing helped Topshop realize the difference in conversion rates between users exposed to extensions and those who weren’t.

Through Shield, Topshop removed fraudulent popup ads across its website and reduced the negative impact on its conversion rates. Topshop realized improved customer conversion rate and revenue within 30 days.

BrandLock worked with Topshop on a pay-for-performance model. This eCommerce marketing strategy allowed Topshop to remunerate BrandLock based Shield’s ability to improve the revenue lift value. Shield removed unwanted pop-up ads, delivered a seamless customer journey experience, delivering a 40x return on investment.

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