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Pharmaca Increases Ecommerce Conversion Rate With BrandLock Solutions

Pharmaca partnered with BrandLock after a successful proof of concept demonstrated that BrandLock solutions could significantly improve conversion rates and revenue per visitor.

The Results
Average Revenue Per Visit Lift
Average Conversion Rate Lift
Orders Recovered in First 6 Months
Business Challenge

Malicious and Targeted Ad Injections Negatively Affected the Website Conversion Rate

The online store is an important and growing part of Pharmaca’s business, but like many online retailers, a majority of the website visitors leave without making a purchase. Before BrandLock was introduced, the magnitude of the problem was unknown. During the proof of concept phase, the Pharmaca team realized that the website was constantly experiencing customer journey hijacking targeted by a variety of adware and malware that aim to steal and divert customers to purchase products from other websites.

These infections were a result of coupon extensions that visitors knowingly or unknowingly installed on their browsers. Visitors are also infected when adware or malware is bundled into free software downloaded from the internet. As the problem was not at the client-side server, fixing it at the source was out of the company’s control and resulted in a loss of revenue, subpar eCommerce conversion rate, poor customer revenue that led to customer frustration.

Pharmaca found an ideal partner in BrandLock to convert more visitors into customers without requiring significant upfront investment in time or resources.

BrandLock solution

Removing Harmful Ads & Offering Personalised Deals Boosted Conversion Rate

  • The main challenge of Pharmaca was to remove unwanted ads and other malicious content that redirected customers away from their website. First, BrandLock integrated Shield – a customer journey hijacking prevention tool that blocks malicious ads and unwanted coupon extensions, with Pharmaca’s website.
  • During every visitor session, Shield detects and blocks unauthorized ads injected into the customers’ browser extensions and mobile devices when they download extensions and other free software services such as desktop programs and apps.
  • Pharmaca needed to verify the increase in website conversion rate after the ad injections were blocked from visitor-side web sessions. The team at Pharmaca monitors and validates the performance of Shield using its existing Google analytics platform.
  • In just 4 weeks, the team could see the increase in conversion rate, revenue per session, and other eCommerce KPIs.
  • Further analysis of the website also revealed that a significant portion of the visitors were active deal seekers and installed various types of unauthorized coupon extensions. The price point is usually the most important factor for deal seekers.
  • To curb the use of coupon extensions, BrandLock deployed Engage – a solution that uses machine learning to predict how deal seekers behave every second they spend on the website.  Engage identifies if deal seekers are taking too long on a single page, they could be going on a deal-seeking mission away from the website.
  • Engage offers customer personalization deals to make them stay on the company’s website for a longer duration and increase the probability of purchasing. These offers proved to drive significant incremental sales for the company’s online store.

Pharmaca Now Boasts Of Higher Conversion Rate and Sales

Pharmaca’s online store now experiences high-performing numbers. The conversion rate, AOV, and revenue per session are strong across all device types.

  • 4.8% average conversion rate lift
  • 4% average revenue per visit 
  • 6,107 orders recovered in first 6 months

By delivering personalized, profitable offers, deal seekers are encouraged to stay on the site longer and complete their purchases.

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