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Peter Millar Stops Ad Injections & Wins Back Stolen Revenue

BrandLock detects and blocks unauthorized ads on Peter Millar’s online store to maximize revenue and sales.

The Results
Highest Conversion Rate Lift
Highest Revenue Per Visit Lift
Orders Rescued in One Year
Business Challenge

Unwanted Ads Led to Online Revenue Loss and Bad Customer Experience

Peter Millar’s website is a significant contributor to the growth of the company’s overall business. 

Although the company makes significant investments in preserving the brand reputation and online customer experience, the retailer was unaware of a hidden problem – ad injections.

These ad injections displayed product and price comparison ads by the competitors to shoppers on Peter Millar’s website.

Many ads would follow shoppers as they browsed through the retailer’s website, redirecting shoppers to the competition when they would click on these ads.

These hidden distractions had been chipping away at their conversion rates and leading to a loss of revenue.

BrandLock solution

Eliminating Ad Injections from the Online Customer Experience

When BrandLock reached out to Peter Millar about the impact of ad injections on the company’s revenue, the retailer wanted to explore further and understand the true extent of the problem.

BrandLock ran a preliminary test and learned that over 7.7 percent of Peter Millar’s online customers were disrupted by unauthorized ads and diverted to competitor websites.

Peter Millar decided to implement Shield, BrandLock’s customer journey hijacking prevention solution to solve this problem. 

With Shield, Peter Millar blocked all ad injections and restored revenue that had been previously lost to unwanted ads.

Additionally, they could also protect the online customer experience and the brand’s reputation. Shield swiftly solved the company’s immediate pain points and increased conversions.


Gaining Consistent Conversion Rate Lift and ROI  

Eliminating client-side ad injections for the past 12 months has consistently helped them lift their conversion rate by an average of 3.5 percent. 

  • 7.9% highest conversion rate lift  
  • 8.07% highest RPV lift
  • ~12K orders rescued in one year

BrandLock has consistently delivered results and ROI with minimal efforts on the retailer’s side.

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