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How Jabra Uses BrandLock to Build Trust and Deliver Exceptional Conversion Rates

Jabra sees double-digit conversion rate optimization and a 200% gain in page views per session by blocking unwanted ad injections.

The Results
Overall Site Conversion Rate Lift
Overall Site Revenue Per Visit Lift
Increase in Page Views Per Visit
Business Challenge

Browser Injected Ads Divert Jabra Shoppers to Competitor Sites

When BrandLock connected with Brian Anderson, Sr. Director of End Customer Marketing at Jabra, they were aware of ad injections targeting online shoppers.

But the team was not aware of how widespread the problem of customer journey hijacking was on their website.

Traffic hijackers bundle ad injections into browser extensions and other free software downloaded by online shoppers on their desktop or mobile devices.

Jabra - Browser Injected Ads - Customer Journey Hijacking

These unwanted ads were smartly designed to blend with the website’s user experience. The contextual nature and seamless design of the ads would misguide customers, luring them away from the website.

Unauthorized ad injections would divert Jabra’s online customers to competitor websites, reducing the conversion rate and leaking their revenue.

Jabra wanted to invest in a partner that could protect the online customer experience and drive incremental sales at scale.

BrandLock solution
  • BrandLock conducted A/B testing to determine the scale of the problem and its impact on the website’s KPIs.
  • During testing, the eCommerce team at Jabra discovered that  +4% of all visits to the online store were exposed to ad injections.
  • BrandLock deployed Shield, a customer journey hijacking prevention solution, to identify and block all injected competitor ads.
  • Shield blocked all unauthorized ads from the website to ensure shoppers stay on the website to complete their purchases.
  • Shield’s ability to integrate with third-party analytics providers, including Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics allowed the team to validate the results.
  • The online store experienced a significant increase in conversion rates in the first month. Overall, the conversion rate increased by 12.4% because of Shield.

BrandLock Optimizes eCommerce Visits to Convert More Shoppers

BrandLock’s conversion rate optimization methodology is transparent and evidence-based.

In the first month, Jabra noticed a +7.9% increase in the overall revenue per visit. In the next few months, they experienced a conversion lift of +12.4%.

The results are continuously monitored to ensure the effectiveness of Shield in improving the conversion rate and plugging in the revenue leaks.


  • +12.4% overall conversion rate lift
  • +8.1% overall revenue per visit lift
  • 200% increase in page views per visit

The teams also discovered that the shoppers are more engaged, with an increase in page views per visit.

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