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Franklin Planner Gets Organized by Eliminating Ad Injections

The company removed ad injections from the online customer experience and saw higher conversions and revenue.

The Results
Average Revenue Per Visit Lift
Average Conversion Rate Lift
Orders Recovered in 6 Months
Business Challenge

Invasive Ads Skim Franklin Planner’s Web Traffic and Conversions

The eCommerce team invests significant efforts in optimizing their customers’ online experience and increasing conversions. But this experience was not getting through to a significant portion of the customers because of customer journey hijacking.

Unauthorized ads, pop-ups, banners, and competing product ads were injected into the customer browsers, redirecting Franklin Planner’s web traffic to competitor sites, sweeping away their online revenue.

When BrandLock alerted Franklin Planner about this invisible problem, it surprised the eCommerce team that an issue disrupting the customer experience could fly under the organization’s radar.

BrandLock solution

Franklin Planner Deploys Shield to Block Unauthorized Ad injections

  • The eCommerce team agreed to a four-week proof-of-concept with BrandLock to understand the impact of ad injections on their eCommerce KPIs.
  • A/B testing revealed that 7.4% of all online visitor sessions to Franklin Planner’s website were exposed to unauthorized ads. These sophisticated ads were made to look like an integrated part of the website; many ads would offer items that closely matched the products in the company’s catalog.
  • The company deployed BrandLock’s Shield – customer journey hijacking prevention solution to identify and remove ad injections.
  • Along with unwanted ads, Shield also blocked unauthorized coupon extensions. The extensions automatically injected codes at the point of conversion, on items customers were willing to pay full price for.
  • This meant instead of driving sales, coupon extensions were unnecessarily taking away parts of the overall eCommerce revenue and claiming unfair affiliate fees.

Franklin Planner Wins Back Revenue by Blocking Unwanted Ads

The website’s conversion rate climbed significantly, preventing unauthorized ad injections from disrupting the online customer experience.

  • 6.38% average conversion rate lift
  • 5.18% average revenue per visit lift
  • 3,683 orders recovered in 6 months

Moving the partnership forward, BrandLock has recently deployed Engage – a personalized one-to-one promotions solution. Engage is helping Franklin Planner identify shopper behavior in real-time and motivate customers with personalized promotions.

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