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Footwear etc. Prevents Client-side Ad injections & Achieves a +16% CVR Lift

With BrandLock’s customer journey hijacking solution, Footwear etc. maintains a frictionless and positive customer journey.

The Results
Overall Site Conversion Rate Lift
Overall Site Revenue Per Visit Lift
Increase in Page Views Per Visit
Business Challenge

Competitor Ads Lure Shoppers Away and Affect Brand Perception

The issue of unauthorized ads on Footwear etc.’s website was brought to the team’s attention by their customers. 

They complained of intrusive ads appearing on the website every time they would shop online on their desktop or mobile devices.

These client-side ad injections were unauthorized ads injected into the web pages with an intention to get users to click on them and lure them away from the website.

The ads would give consumers the impression that the website is at fault, thereby hurting the retailer’s brand reputation.

Moreover, bad actors use multiple methods to inject ads into consumers’ browsers, making it difficult for the website’s server-side to detect the issue.

Mike Baranov, President at Footwear etc., and his team needed a solution that would protect the website from such distractions and ensure shoppers stick to the intended customer journey.Pop-up Ads on Footwear ETC

BrandLock solution

Footwear etc. Removes Ad Injections to  Maintain Positive Brand Perception

  • BrandLock conducted an A/B test to determine the intensity and scale of the problem. During the test, the team discovered that over 14% of the web sessions were infected with unwanted ads.
  • This meant hundreds of Footwear etc.’s customers were exposed to unauthorized competitor ads. These ads would appear on the product description pages and other popular web pages on the site.
  • BrandLock deployed Shield, a customer journey hijacking prevention solution, to block unwanted ads. To demonstrate the value of Shield, BrandLock deployed the solution during the A/B testing phase.
  • Mike and his team were able to track and measure the positive impact of Shield on their Google Analytics dashboard.
  • They could see the incremental shift in the conversion rate and revenue per session when a percentage of the website sessions was protected by Shield.

Footwear etc.Improves Conversion Rate and Brand Perception 

In the first month, Footwear etc. noticed a +4% increase in the overall revenue per visits in the first month. The revenue lift jumped to +9% in the next month. 

  • 11% of traffic infected with malware
  • +16% overall CVR lift
  • +3% increase in page visits

Footwear etc. is enjoying a significant increase in conversion rate and other essential eCommerce KPIs. Removing ad injections has resulted in positive brand perception and better engagement.

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