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Fingerhut Achieves a +2.9% CVR Lift, Gets Additional Revenue & Profit

Fingerhut reacts instantly to signs of cart abandonment with real-time messaging and improves conversions & sales.

The Results
Overall Conversion Rate Lift
Overall Revenue Per Visit Lift
Decrease in Bounce Rate
Business Challenge

Fingerhut’s Twofold Goal – Improve Conversion Rate & Reduce Cart Abandonment 

The Fingerhut team constantly uses various marketing strategies to boost its eCommerce conversion rate. 

However, their efforts weren’t receiving the desired result and they were looking for solutions that could support their conversion rate optimization goals.

When BrandLock connected with the team, they realized that their marketing tactics were undercut by a real but invisible problem of ad injections.

Unauthorized ads deployed by ad injections on client-side browsers would redirect shoppers away from Fingerhut’s website. This disturbed shoppers’ path to complete a purchase, resulting in reduced conversion rates.

The online retailer also lost revenue due to cart abandonment. Customers expressed high interest in products but abandoned carts mid-purchase.

They needed a solution to increase the probability of completing the checkout process before shoppers drop off the website.

BrandLock solution

#1 – Eliminating Ad Injections from the Customer Journey 

  • BrandLock conducted an A/B test to check how many shoppers were affected and how much additional revenue the website could make with BrandLock solutions.
  • The test revealed that the infection rate was over 5.94% out of which about 30% of ad injections appearing to shoppers were price comparison ads.
  • BrandLock deployed Shield to block unwanted ads and prevent customer journey hijacking from occurring on the website.
  • Fingerhut’s online business metrics could see an immediate lift, including additional six-figure revenue in the first two months.

#2 – Reducing Cart Abandonment Using BrandLock Engage

  • Engage works on a simple premise: focus engagement efforts on user intent.
  • The solution identified shoppers most likely to abandon cart based on micro-behaviors and other contextual signals displayed during online shopping.
  • Most active shoppers intending to complete their purchase using coupon codes would abandon their cart.
  • The coupon codes obtained by shoppers were either invalid, expired, or didn’t work. Adding coupon discount codes to the website seemed counterproductive and lowered the conversion rate.
  • With Engage, Fingerhut built one-to-one messages based on real-time shopper behavior to nullify the negative impact of invalid coupons.
  • Shoppers were highly receptive to one-to-one messages, improving conversion rate, and sales. 

Fingerhut Increases Conversions and Reduces Promotional Spends

One-to-one messages not only helped Finger increase sales but saved margins by reducing promotional spending.

By partnering with BrandLock, Fingerhut capitalizes on its existing traffic to drive more conversions and pick up significant revenue gains.

  • +2.9% conversion rate lift
  • +3% revenue per visit lift
  • 7.2% decrease in bounce rate

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