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How Bare Necessities Plugged a 5% Revenue Leak

BrandLock targets ad injections and prevents customer journey hijacking on Bare Necessitites online store. The website continues to experience more visitor conversions and drop in checkout abandonment rate.

The Results
Decrease in Overall Site Cart Abandonment Rate
Decrease in Overall Site Bounce Rate
Increase in Overall Site Conversion Rate
Business Challenge

Popup ads distracted customers and increased cart abandonment rates on online retailer’s website

Bare Necessities is an American online retailer of intimate apparel such as lingerie, swimwear, and loungewear. The company stocks hundreds of well-known labels and exclusive brands. With over two million online customers, Bare Necessities’ website experience is of utmost importance.

However, prior to working with BrandLock, shoppers often experienced popups ads, videos, and other unsolicited content. The contextual nature and design of the ads made it difficult for shoppers to distinguish native content from fraudulent ads, and thus shoppers were often accidentally redirected to other sites.

Bare Necessities knew the loss of web traffic was a problem, but it wasn’t sure how these popup ads were impacting its customer conversion rates and ultimately, its top-line sales.

Bare Necessities

BrandLock solution

BrandLock eliminates fraudulent popup ads and measures the impact of removed distractions

In order to prevent the fraudulent popup ads, BrandLock deployed a single line of code within Bare Necessities’ website. Then the Operations and Research & Development teams at BrandLock began running A/B tests to assess the impact of removing the distracting ads.

BrandLock reported that almost 8.5% of web traffic on Bare Necessities’ site was affected by fraudulent pop-up ads. Furthermore, using this method, the team was able to report on metrics such as cart abandonment, exit rate, bounce rate, customer conversion rate, page views per visit, average order value, and revenue per session.

Upon deeper analysis, BrandLock also determined that the ads originated from adware that was specifically displaying competitors’ products. Competitor ads are typically used to lure shoppers to other websites, so this was the likely cause of cart abandonment and exit rate issues.

After BrandLock completed the precise diagnostics, Bare Necessities used BrandLock Shield software to remove the pop-up ads across the entirety of their site and monitor the impact on an ongoing basis.


Blocking distracting popup ads boosts Bare Necessities revenue by 5%

By enlisting BrandLock Shield, Bare Necessities was able to remove fraudulent popup ads across its entire site and product pages. In only a 30-day period, the company experienced tremendously positive results!

  • -1.4% overall site cart abandonment rate
  • -2.52% overall site bounce rate
  • +5.19% overall site conversion rate
  • +0.99% overall site average order value
  • + 4.64% overall site revenue per visit

BrandLock also proved to be a self-funded solution for Bare Necessities, which realized a 20x+ return on investment. As such, Bare Necessities has continued leveraging BrandLock’s software to keep its website free of adware and continue driving higher customer conversion rates.

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